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What can I do here?
You can pass a remark on any road-user: anytime, anywhere. All you need is their number plate.

There are two ways.
1. Just click on "Pass a remark", above. You can even include a map so they'll know where you saw them.
2. Alternatively, you can simply send an email to [their number plate] Put your message in the subject (you can leave the body blank). And that's all! We'll receive it, process it, and load it into the system (this might take a few minutes).

Do I have to be a driver?
No, anyone can pass remarks. You don't even need to register.

Can I read remarks about me?
Sure. Just create an account. Remember, your number plate is your user name. You only need to choose a password.

Can other people see my remarks?
No, only the intended recipients can see remarks, and only by logging in. So register your number plate before someone else does!

What if the other driver isn't registered? They won't see my remark.
Maybe not immediately. But someday they will register, and they'll see it then. We already have thousands of remarks in our database. Are some of them about you?

But what's the big idea, really? Is this all just a way for people to abuse each other?
The big ideas are driver education and common courtesy. Next time you have a problem with another road user, don't get stressed or do anything rash. Instead, send constructive feedback their way at We CAN increase road safety through co-operation and communication. And don't forget to send compliments to good drivers too.